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Pisco Sour Mix Traditional Wasska 125 grs.

Pisco Sour Mix Traditional Wasska 125 grs.

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Pisco Sour Mix

Classic Peruvian Mix

Pisco Sour Mix

Pisco Sour Mix, a traditional Peruvian drink. Made with Peruvian Lime.
Makes 6 Servings. Made in Peru.

Pisco Sour Mix Directions
Step 1: Pour One Envelope of Wasska Pisco Sour Mix into Blender
Step 2: Add Two Cups of Ice & 1/2 Cup of Water
Step 3: Add 1 Cup of Pisco (250 ml)
Step 4: Mix on High Speed for 1 Minute

Wasska's Pisco Sour Mix is made from natural peruvian ingredients and helps you prepare Peru's traditional national drink "Pisco Sour". Enjoy Pisco Sour as an aperitif or as an afternoon cocktail with friends and family.

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