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Freshly Imported from Spain for 2022-23 Holiday Season


Nothing quite says Christmas like classic turron from Spain. Once again, we are proud to bring you the finest turron selection anywhere, freshly imported from Spain.

For the past 35 years our family has been bringing Spain's finest turrones to the United States. Select from leading brands such as El Almendro Turron, Sanchis Mira Turron, 1880 Turron, Castillo de Jijona Turron and others. Enjoy these traditional spanish nougat candies with your family and friends this holiday season or any time of year. A Christmas tradition we proudly share from our family to yours.

Shop for traditional favorites Alicante, Jijona, Yema, Yema Tostada, Sugarless Turrones and tortas. We also offer polvorones, mantecados, piroulines, holiday gift boxes, turron samplers and more!

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Spanish Turrón - Your Ultimate Guide

According to the EL PAIS, the Spanish turron generates about €400 million a year. Not many foods globally have such huge market power.

Are you thinking of a Christmas delicacy? If you have ever visited Spain during the Christmas period, then you know what turron means. It is a meal that all and sundry always look forward to.

You must have heard something special about traditional Spanish cuisine, right? Maybe about their Rioja wines, or classic Jamon Iberico. Well this article samples one of the most iconic Spanish confections, the Turron. If...
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