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Yerba Mate Gourds

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Yerba Mate Gourds

The Yerba Mate Gourd, or cup, is used to drink the mate. However, it also serves two other purposes. It compresses the yerba mate to create suction which helps the bombilla from being clogged. The gourd can also help enhance the enjoyment of the mate by adding additional flavor from previous usage. It's said that the gourd has a memory, or soul, which improves over time.

Instructions: How To Use A Yerba Mate Gourd
To properly prepare your yerba mate in a gourd, fill the gourd two thirds full with loose leaf yerba mate. Now tilt the gourd to the side so that the yerba mate is mostly on one side, leaving a hollow area on the other side. Add a small amount of cold water to the hollow area you just created (continue to hold the gourd tilted with the yerba mate on the one side). Yerba Mate GourdsThe cold water should not moisten the top portion of the yerba mate. Keep the gourd tilted until all the cold water has been absorbed and then while using your thumb to cover the mouth of your bombilla, insert the filtered end into the hollow area of the gourd until it reaches the bottom.

Now you can add hot water (not boiling water) to the hollow area once again not quite allowing it to reach the top of the mate. You are now ready to sip the first preparation of the mate. Sip all of the tea from the gourd and then add more hot water to make more. This can be continued until the flavor is too weak and then you will have to replace the yerba mate.

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